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The most expensive presidential cars in Africa

10. Mauritius

Armored BMW 740Li – (Starts at $83,100) and BMW 750Li – (Starts at $96,000) On daily basis,

The Prime Minister of The Republic of Mauritius uses an armored BMW 740Li, escorted by one BMW 5 Series and five police motorcycles. On the other hand, The President of the Republic of Mauritius, is often driven in a BMW 750Li or a Mercedes S600, escorted by a BMW 5 Series and at least two police motorcycles.


9. South Africa

Armored BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class – (Starts at $83,100 up to $96,400)

The President of South Africa often uses is an armored BMW 7 Series and occasionally a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. His motorcade comprises several Golf, Jeep Grand Cherokee, BMW 3 series and Mercedes-Benz ML-Class models, followed by a number of Mercedes-Benz V-Class and police cars.


8. Malawi

Armored Mercedes Benz S560 – (Starts $122,750 and $131,400 for the Cabriolet)

The President of Malawi is often seen driven in an armored Black Mercedes Benz S560, a Toyota Land Cruiser or Range Rover. Normally in an escort of four Hummer H3 and eight escort motorcycles, along with police cars.


7. Uganda

Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 – (Starts at $132,500)

The President of Uganda on several occasions uses an armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200, escorted with double cabin pick-up trucks and Mitsubishi Pajero models. Ceremonial cars for Uganda’s presidency include a stretch 600 SEL Mercedes and a white G Wagon.


6. Nigeria

Armored Mercedes Benz S-Class 2016 model – (V8 powered starts at $144,00 and V12 S600 starts at $172,000)

The President of Nigeria uses a black armored Mercedes Benz S-Class 2016 model adorned with the Nigerian flag and official party flag. And in other cases, he may be spotted in an armored Toyota Land Cruiser or armored Range Rover. His motorcade comprises of 30 cars and 10 escort motorcycles, along with police cars and 6 Mercedes S-550 of SSS surrounding the president’s car.


5. Kenya

Armored Toyota Landcruiser V8 – (Starts at $160,000)

The President of Kenya has several official cars, but he prefers to use an armored Toyota Landcruiser V8 with the Kenyan coat of arms instead of the license plate. Occasionally, he may be spotted in an armored Mercedes Benz Pullman S600 or an armored Range Rover Vogue though in rare cases. 


4. Morocco

Mercedes Pullman 600 – (Starts at $169,595)

The King of Morocco, uses his Mercedes 600 Pullman, while in Morocco. His motorcade, normally comprises of Mercedes-Benz S500, various Lexus models, Range Rover models (when he goes to mountainous places), a BMW 5 Series with a communications jammer, an ambulance and always escorted by police motorcycles.


3. Namibia

Armored Mercedes-Benz S600Ls – (Starts at $324,060 up to $372,460)

The President of Namibia is often driven in an armored black Mercedes-Benz S600Ls or armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series bearing the presidential seal. He is escorted by a fleet of armored Mercedes- Benz S500Ls, 2-3 unmarked Mercedes Benz E500s, Double cab Toyota Hilux 4.0 v6 cars used by the VIPPD and a fleet of police cars.


2. Rwanda

Armored Range Rover Sentinel – (Starts at $500,000)

The President of Rwanda often uses a black armored Range Rover Sentinel, escorted by several other vehicles and police motocycles.


1. Egypt

Mercedes Benz S-Class

Armored Mercedes Benz S-Class – (Starts at $516,000)

The President of Egypt is usually spotted in a black armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class.