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BRAND NEW DELIVERY Bell 505 Jet Ranger X

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$ 1,606,250.00



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$ 1,606,250.00


  • Year:2019


2019/2020 Bell 505 Position


Fully integrated G1000H Cockpit
Sale Price includes Inlet Barrier Filter and Electronic Standby Instrument. 
Time remaining for additional items to be fitted and selection of exterior paint.
Delivery ex-Bell Canada approx. 2 months from order of any further additional items if required.


Spacious Cabin can be configured for up to 4 pax or re-configured for utility missions
Passenger seats with headrests and mounted to bulkhead
Four point restraint harness 
Clamshell cabin doors located on pilot side 
75/25 Split Clamshell Door Opening open to width of 55 inches allowing easy access and exit for passengers and the ability to load wide objects 
Quick disconnect seats allow the rear cabin to be configured for utility missions

Bell 505 Garmin G1000H Flight Deck - Providing the Next Level of Safety

The Bell 505 Jet Ranger X is the first helicopter in its class to incorporate a fully integrated flight deck. 
The Garmin G1000H featuring dual 10.4-inch displays is designed to improve situational awareness and reduce pilot workload through easy to read displays of critical flight information, tuning of communication and navigation frequencies and simple flight planning management.

Bell 505 Garmin G1000H Flight Deck - BASIC SHIP MAIN COMPONENTS OF G1000H INCLUDES:

Two 10.4-inch flat panel GDU high resolution LCD Displays
One GIA 63H Integrated Avionics Unit Including:  
GPS/WAAS receiver
VHF COM Transceiver
VHF NAV and Glidescope Receivers
Aural Alert Generation
GEA 71H Engine & Airframe Unit (single processing of engine parameters and major system sensors)
GMA 350H Audio Panel
GTX 33H Extended Squitter (ES) Mode S Transponder
GSU 75 Air Data Altitude Heading Reference Unit (ADAHRS)
GMU 44 magnetometer
Standby Altitude Module (SAM)

 SELL PRICE US$1,322,000

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